World'S 2 Rarest Zodiac Sign

The logbook of the rarest Helicon in the world

Some zodiac signs encounter one another more frequently than others often attributed to the compatibility between zodiac signs or elements

Each zodiac sign has its own personality traits

And even a corresponding tarot card and health connection being the rarest is special is there a rare zodiac sign

The aquarius sun sign is considered extremely rare within the zodiac known as the innovators and originators aquarius

According to stardust aquarius signs have a natural attraction towards other air signs and are able to easily attract them stardust believes that aquarius is highly compatible with gemini and libra additionally aquarius signs also tend to be compatible with individuals who share the same sign

Aries is the second rarest sign of the zodiac after sagittarius the third rarest sign sagittarius is renowned for its adventurous nature aries has an inspiring spark

For over 3000 years most people have followed the 12 zodiac signs aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius and pisces

In the year 2016 a 13th constellation named ophiuchus was incorporated by nasa into the constellation map prompting the query is there a 13th sign