Unique Baby Names Inspired By Lord Hanuman And Their Meaning

Unique baby names inspired by lord hanuman and their meaning

Ramdoot Ramdoot is the messenger of Lord Rama. This is very traditional and very rare name of our Lord.

Vayujat is another name famous for god hanuman or god anjaneya

Yunay Yunay stands for a highly dynamic and influential individual it has its roots in the Sanskrit language

Vritik vritik is a modernday contemporary name choice that symbolizes our favorite lord hanuman

Vayunandan vayunandan means something on similar lines the son of god wind it is a very traditional and commonly found name for god hanuman

Tejas thejas or tejas means the radiant out of all who is our favorite god anjayneya this is a popular lord hanuman names for baby boy in telugu

Shreeansh means part of god ram which is lord hanuman himself we love this name as it starts with s just like lord hanuman




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