Tulsi Mantra

Chant these mantras before plucking basil

Tulsi is considered to be the most pure and sacred in Hinduism. Tulsi leaves are definitely offered in every worship. Tulsi plant

According to hindu scriptures lord vishnu holds tulsi in the highest regard worship of lord vishnu is considered incomplete without tulsi

Basil leaves are used for happiness, prosperity and good luck in the house from worship. Tulsi plant will definitely be found in the homes of people who believe in Hinduism.

There are some mantras for plucking a Tulsi leaf and worshiping it. Basil leaves should be plucked only after chanting these mantras.

Tulsi leaf plucking mantra

O Tulsi, mother of grace, enhancer of all good fortune, destroyer of disease and illness, I always offer my obeisances to you. Mantra while offering water to Tulsi

Maanyata hai ki tulsi ke paudhe mein niyamat jal dene se sakaaratmak oorja ka vaas hota hai saath hi dhan aur vaibhav mein kabhi kami nahi hoti hai

Tulsi Puja Mantra Tulsi is the goddess of fortune, the goddess of fortune, the goddess of fortune, the goddess of knowledge. She is righteous and has a righteous face and is dear to the gods and goddesses. He attains the supreme devotion and at the end attains the abode of Vishnu. Tulsi Bhurmahalakshmi Padmini Sriharipriya.

After offering water to the Tulsi plant, this mantra must be chanted while worshiping. Chanting this mantra gives special benefits.

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