These 7 Vastu remedies will increase positivity in the house

These 7 Vastu remedies will increase positivity in the house

According to Vaastu Shastra, the spread of positive energy in the house increases happiness and prosperity in life

It is very important to take care of certain things to increase the level of positive energy in the house

Today we will provide you with some tips regarding the principles of vastu these tips will help you eliminate negative energy and enhance positive energy for increasing positive energy here are some tips

A tulsi plant should be worshiped at the entrance of the house as it is believed that this plant absorbs negative energy and increases positive energy

Many people keep shoe stands at the main entrance of their homes but this stand should be placed in the west or southwest direction also do not keep the stand open

Keeping the house clean infuses positive energy into the house, in which case remove unnecessary items from the house

If you want positive energy to flow in your house, the safe kept in the house should face north or east direction

Or in the evening some aromatic things should be lit and spread in every corner of the house. Fragrant things

Doors and windows should be opened from inside to prevent negative energy from entering the house

Installing a Ganesha idol at the main door of the house increases the flow of positive energy

This information is based only on faith and scriptures and various media. Before trusting any information, consult an expert

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