The new moon of Adhikamas has come after 3 years, happiness

After 3 years, the new moon of Adhikamas has come, do this work for happiness and prosperity

Adhikamas Amavasya is on 16 August 2023, this Amavasya has come after 3 years

In such a situation, on this day some measures bring positive changes in life.

On the evening of Adhikamas Amavasya, put a lamp of cow's ghee in the north-east corner of the house, add some saffron to it, by this remedy, Goddess Lakshmi sits in the house.

Negative energy is destroyed by wiping salt standing in water on the day of Adhikamas Amavasya.

On the day of Adhikamas Amavasya, by planting Peepal tree in the temple, the blessings of ancestors are received.

If you are going through any crisis, on the new moon of Akshamas, say Rama Ramati Ramati Rame Rame Manorame. O beautiful one the name of Rama is equal to a thousand names Recite the mantra.

These are the main snakes for whom Nag Panchami is celebrated