Surya Dev Mantra

Chanting of this mantra Om Hran Mitray Namah improves health and increases the ability to work. Chant it while offering Arghya.

People should chant this mantra of the sun god. ‘Om Hrim Ravaye Namah’

Om Hum Suryaya Namah

ॐ Hram Bhanave Namah

Chant this mantra for paragraph related problem Om Hron Khagaya Namah

ॐ Hri Pooshane Namah

ॐ Hram Hiranyagarbhaya Namah

One should chant this mantra to get a healthy body. Om Marichaye Namah

ॐ Adityaaya Namah

Recitation of this mantra increases respect in the society and increases the power of imagination Om Savitre Namah

Recite this mantra to know the secrets of the Vedas. It strengthens the brain. ॐ Arkaya Namah

The internal and external body remains clean by chanting this mantra of Sun God. Om Bhaskaray Namah

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