Shiva Statue In World

Shiva idol in the world

The statue of adiyogi located in coimbatore india stands as a colossal representation of lord shiva in his form as the adi guru the first yogi with a height of 112 feet this magnificent sculpture showcases intricate craftsmanship and exudes a powerful presence that captivates all who lay eyes upon it

Murudeshwara Murthy Karnataka India This Murudeshwara Murthy is one of the Shiva Murthys in the world with a height of 123 feet and is an additional attraction for devotees and tourists.

Kailashnath mahadev statue nepal is nestled in the himalayas the kailashnath mahadev statue in nepal stands tall at an impressive height of 143 feet its strategic placement near the mansarovar lake enhances its spiritual significance

Tallest shiva statue uttar pradesh india uttar pradesh houses the worlds tallest shiva statue standing at an impressive height of 351 feet this magnificent creation beautifully illustrates lord shivas divine grace and eternal power

Rishikesh shiva statue uttarakhand india overlooking the sacred ganges river the shiva statue in rishikesh uttarakhand holds a serene and meditative pose it serves as a symbol of tranquility and spirituality in this holy city

Murugan Statue Batu Quais Malaysia Murugan Statue in Batu Quais Malaysia In front of the Murugan Temple, the statue of Lord Shiva in Batu Quais Malaysia has also been incorporated into the image.

Shivoham Shiva Murthy Bengaluru India The Shivoham Shiva idol located in Bangalore is an attractive creation standing at a height of 65 feet. Its design and concept depict the divine dance Tandava of Lord Shiva.

Sursagar lake shiva statue vadodara india

Shiva of Ganges Lake Mauritius The Shiva Mongvi of Ganges Lake in Mauritius is an important pilgrimage site situated on a cliff surrounded by lush greenery and speaks to worshiping the holy lake as a symbol of spirituality and perseverance.

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