Sawan Shivratri 2023 Wishes, Quotes

Sawan shivratri shiv bhajan aarti mantra on jul 15 2023 reported by times now digital

Sawan shivratri is a joyous occasion where we celebrate with the right shiv mantras bhajans and aarti may bholey baba grant you all your desires

Sawan shivratri puja vidhi involves performing jal abhishek where devotees offer water carried specifically for this ritual it is deemed auspicious to perform the jal abhishek during the shivratri muhurat which is from 1242 am to 3 pm tomorrow

Sawan shivratri shiv bhajan aarti mantra in hindi for quick access om namah shivaay

Sawan shivratri mantra om namah shivaay is the favorite and more powerful mantra for lord shiva chant these mantras during jal abhishek tonight and feel the power within

Sawan shivratri katha is an essential part of sawan shivratri puja the puja is incomplete without listening to the katha before visiting the temple to offer water or break your fast please take a moment to read this brief katha

Sawan shivratri shiv bhajan jai shiv shankar is the bhajan to be sung during the celebration of sawan shivratri experience tranquility while chanting these words with utmost devotion and surrender to lord shiva

Sawan shivrati ki shubhkamnayein prabhu shiva apke ghar aur parivaar mein khushi aur anand laayein om namah shivaay

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