Powerful Affirmations To Recite Daily

List of powerful affirmations for success

Positive affirmations have a long history dating back to ancient times use this comprehensive list of affirmations to create your own personalized list or refresh your existing one discover over 100 positive affirmations to uplift and empower yourself

I am blessed beyond measure positive affirmations read the list

I am grateful for all that i have and will accomplish read the list

I am ready to seize the wonderful opportunities that come my way i am equipped to make the most of them

Positive statement i will never throw away my goals and dreams read the list

I accomplish anything i focus on read the list

I am dependable and resourceful read the list

I embody positivity and effortlessly draw positive circumstances into my life for achieving success

I choose prosperity over failure read the list

Positive affirmation i am ready to put in even more effort to achieve success please read the list

Today will be another successful day read the list

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