Positivity is also contagious, get used to it Habits Of Positivity

Based positivity is also contagious get used to it

Positive thinking is not just superficial happiness or a positive attitude positive thoughts actually create happiness in your life

One has to make a habit of including positivity in the routine. The Mayo Clinic does extensive research on positivity and explains how to make it a habit.

1 if you have a negative perspective on things dont expect them to change overnight start the journey towards positivity by engaging in selftalk research has shown that people who talk to themselves tend to experience changes in their habits quickly

2 In which area do you need change where negativity is dominating. Focus on that.

Research has shown that dealing with each thing individually rather than considering everything negatively can be more effective for instance if there is bitterness in a relationship one should first try to mend it before focusing on other matters

Take a little break in the day to test yourself, observe yourself in which direction your thoughts are going.

Try to catch hold of his collar this way thoughts can be paused and his direction can be controlled

4 do not feel burdened by negativity let yourself be open do not hesitate to laugh and smile seek happiness even in small things

Be in the company of people who are positive themselves. On whom you can depend when the time comes. While negative people increase your stress, happy people relieve stress.

Develop the habit of having positive selftalk create a rule for yourself to not say anything to yourself that you wouldnt say to others treat yourself with kindness

Multiple studies have confirmed that negativity overpowers individuals who are cruel towards themselves therefore treat yourself with kindness

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