Popular Shiva Temples Of India To Explore

In india numerous shiva temples are open to celebrate maha shivratri on a grand scale take a look at these popular temples

It is a hindu shiva temple and one of the twelve jyotirlingams at mahakaleshwar jyotirlinga ujjain

Image via getty Brihadishwara Temple Thanjavur One of the known Hindu temples in Thanjavur

It is one of the 12 revered jyotirlinga shrines of shiva omkareshwar mahadev temple in shivapuri

It is one of the mustvisit attractions of the city

Image Source Getty Kedarnath Uttarakhand A great ceremony takes place on the Mangalparva of Mahashivratri.

The trimbakeshwar shiva temple in nasik houses three lingams representing shiv vishnu and brahma

Image source Twitter Vaidyanathdham Deoghar It is one of the Jyotirlingams of India located in the state of Jharkhand.

It is said that the vadakkunnathan temple in thrissur is the first temple to be constructed by lord parshurama

Somnath temple veraval an adored temple among devotees dedicated to lord shiva

It is also among the 12 jyotirlinga temples of lord shiva

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