Must Know: The Meaning Of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Must know the meaning of maha mrityunjaya mantra

Om tryambakam yajāmahe sugandhim puṣṭivardhanam urvārukamiva bandhanān mṛtyormukṣīya māmṛtāt mahā mṛtyunjaya mantra

In this mantra we appeal to lord shiva who possesses three eyes representing the sun the moon and the fire we humbly request please enrich the goodness within us and protect us

Trimbakam One who has three eyes Yajamahe we worship Fragrant Sweet smelling Click here to know more

Pushtti prosperous flourishing richness of life vardhanam lord who reinforces fortifies supports strengthens nourishes and causes to increase in health wealth and wellbeing click here to know more

Bandhanan from confinement ie from the stem of the cucumber stands for bound down mrityor mokshiye liberate from death maamritat immortality nectar click here to know more

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