Lord Shiva

Lord shiva 20 things to know

One of the unique aspects of lord shiva is his ashsmeared body the ashes symbolize the ephemeral nature of worldly existence and the ultimate reality beyond material forms

This snake known as vasuki symbolizes his control over deadly forces and the awakened kundalini energy

Shiva is believed to be the adi guru the first teacher of yoga and spiritual wisdom

He is revered as the ultimate source of knowledge and the guiding force behind the ancient science of yoga

Lord shiva is considered the ultimate reality or brahman in hinduism he is believed to transcend the constraints of time space and form possessing tremendous cosmic power

Lord shiva possesses a third eye on his forehead which symbolizes his divine vision and insight

When opened this eye unleashes destructive energy capable of annihilating anything it symbolizes his ability to perceive truth beyond ordinary perception

Shiva is also depicted with a trident trishul symbolizing the three aspects of existence creation preservation and destruction

Lord shivas tandava dance symbolizes the cosmic dance of creation preservation and destruction it is a vigorous and powerful dance that signifies his control over the forces of the universe

Dhyanamurti a representation of shiva in deep meditation is depicted in a seated meditative posture this state symbolizes shivas inner stillness transcendence and connection with the spiritual realm

Rudra is the wrathful form of shiva associated with storms thunder and the destructive forces of nature it symbolizes shivas power and ferocity displaying his role as the god of destruction who brings an end to the cosmic cycle before initiating a new one

Shiva is not only worshipped by hindus but also revered in other traditions such as shaivism and tantra

The worship of shiva occurs in temples and through various rituals and practices the maha shivaratri festival dedicated to lord shiva is celebrated once a year with fasting devotional singing and offering prayers to seek his blessings