Life Lessons By The Lord Shiva.

6 life lessons from lord shiva for students

Mahadeva Mahadeva A Six Lessons on Praushartha and Valor that can be applied to all students Read More Here

During exams it is crucial for students to maintain patience and calmness anxiety is a common experience among students but it is essential to remember that nothing in life is permanent and things will inevitably change over time

Compassion there are many devotees of lord shiva from all over the world shiva a complex character alternated between being a creator a destroyer and a guardian

Meditation lord shiva is said to have been in deep meditation lasting for hours or even months which helped him attain a state of serenity and unwavering focus

Open for learning as a student you should always be open for learning as well as taking criticism shivas trishul is a symbol of selfcontrol over ones ego mind and intellect

Fearlessness the destroyer of fear or bhairav is lord shiva you should be fearless no matter what kind of situation you are dealing with be it your exams job interviews etc

Farsightedness shivas third eye encourages a comprehensive analysis of every problem in our life it is imperative to examine our conscience before acting upon our observations as they may sometimes be flawed

Lessons of Life Injustice was never tolerated by Mahadev. He regarded injustice as a shame because he was the destroyer of all evil. These life lessons will help you in almost every situation of your life.

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