Libra Personality Traits

Lifestyle hindustan times by neha yadav published sep 29 2022 heading 1 heading 3 libra personality traits

Libra is the zodiac sign of people born between september 22 and october 23 and is ruled by the planet venus

Here are a few personality traits of libras

Libras are intelligent thinkers with inquisitive minds known for their ability to analyze every situation and determine the best approach they excel in communication skills

Libras are known for their magnanimity and ability to forgive easily however individuals with this zodiac sign rarely forget betrayal and highly value truth

Libras possess a captivating charm often finding it challenging to turn people down at times they struggle to assert themselves

Libras are known for their peaceful and optimistic nature which helps them avoid conflicts however they also tend to be indecisive and prone to procrastination

They can sometimes be inconsistent and quarrelsome but they prove to build strong relations and excel in what they do

Libras have a reputation for being smooth negotiators as they possess the ability to mediate and speak sensibly to individuals they are persuasive and proficient at effortlessly resolving situations

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