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Which leaf and flowers are offered to god shiva in the month of sawan

The month of sawan has a lot of importance in hinduism devotees worship lord shiva for a whole month with full dedication true faith and devotion

The special significance of offering both flowers and leaves has been narrated in the worship of lord shankar

Lord shiva favorite flowers and leaf

Madar there are white or blue flowers a garland of these flowers dear to shiva is offered

Datura also known as thorn apple holds a cherished place among the beloved flowers of lord shiva

Bael leaves hold significant importance in the worship of shiva as it is believed that without them the worship is incomplete

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Hibiscus flowers also considered very beloved to shiva

Mogra flowers known for their lovely fragrance and white color are offered to lord shiva to seek blessings for parenthood

Shami Maqbud Shami Gulon ko Shivling parpan karne karne mein ghar mein paar dhan aur samriddhi ki aashirwad hain

About Durva grass It has been said in Puranas about Durva grass that nectar resides in it.

Aparajita flower Aparajita flowers are also offered to Shiva in the month of Sawan

So lets explore the flowers and leaves that are dear to shiva and understand their religious significance