Know The Meaning Of Powerful Navarna Mantra

Know the Meaning of Powerful Navarna Mantra

Navarna mantra is the most powerful mantra of goddess durga devi navarna mantra is the basic mantra of the shri durga saptashati path

The mantra aim is the beej mantra of goddess maha saraswati the powerful mantra om represents the god itself who is unique and one omaimhreemkleem – chamundayaivichche

The mantra hreem is another powerful beej mantra associated with goddess mahalakshmi goddess mahalakshmi is revered as the deity of wealth fame good luck and all worldly matters

4 kleem is the mantra of Goddess Mahakali. Goddess Mahakali Vaishali is the goddess of power and death. Actually kleem mantra attracts people towards you. Click here to learn more.

5 the mantra chamundayai is the mantra of the goddess chamunda durga she protects the chanters body life and complete self with her blessings

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