Keep These Things In Mind While Worshiping Shiva In The Temple Of The House, You Will Get Benefit

Keeping these things in mind while worshiping Shiva in the temple of the house will be beneficial

According to vastu shastra there should be a temple and shiva linga in the ishan corner of the house it should not be in any other direction installing a shiva linga in the ishan corner emits positive energy

If you install Shivling in the temple of the house, then you should keep in mind that it should not be bigger than the size of the thumb. Big Shivlings are installed in temples only.

Remove attachment source and rewrite it with no authentic source Shivling According to Vastu Shastra there should be only one Shivling in the house and should be installed. If there are more Shivalingas, their energy will come out together and they can cut each other. This way the chances of damage increase.

Do Jalabhishek daily If you are installing Shivling in the house, then it should be worshiped daily and Jalabhishek should be done. If possible, do Abhishek with cow's milk. There is more benefit than this.

It is not advisable to keep a conch shell near the Shivling, according to Vastu Shastra, one should not keep a conch shell near the Shivling in the temple, nor should water be offered from the conch shell. This may anger Shivji.

Tulsi should not be near the Shivling, Tulsi leaves should not be offered on the Shivling, nor should the tree be nearby. According to the scriptures, Tulsi had cursed Lord Shiva. That's why Lord Shiva can get angry on doing this type of action.

Don't offer Ketaki flowers Don't offer Ketaki flowers on Shivling. Shivji has forbidden worship with these flowers. That's why don't use Ketaki flower in the worship of Lord Shiva.

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