Good Morning Message For Today, Bhagavad Gita Quote, Sri Krishna About Origin Of Man

Good morning message todays bhagavad gita quote from sri krishna about the origin of man

The seven great sages in the east and the four Manus. These creatures in this world are born with My thoughts in their minds.

Todays bhagavad gita quote is from chapter 8 verse 7 in this verse sri krishna discusses the origin of mankind stating maharshayah sapta purve chatvaro manavas tatha madbhava manasa jata yesham loka imah prajah

Translation of the quote from the Bhagavad Gita Seven great sages four great sages before him and fourteen Manus are born from my mind. All people have originated from him on the earth.

Krishna discusses the divine origin of humanity emphasizing his role as the source of all existence he highlights twentyfive esteemed individuals including the seven great sages the four great saints and the fourteen manus additionally krishna provides a genealogical overview of the universe which originates from him

Once you are clear about what you are doing and why other peoples opinions will not matter

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