Birthstones As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Birthstones as per your zodiac sign lifestyle

Astrology suggests that wearing birthstones based on ones zodiac sign can improve ones future here is a list of birthstones according to zodiac signs

The ruling planet of aries is mars and the gemstone of mars is red coral

Those whose zodiac sign is Taurus, their birthstone is diamond. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus and the stone of Venus is diamond.

Emerald is the gem associated with mercury the ruling planet of gemini natural emerald also known as panna serves as the birthstone for those born under the sign of gemini

Cancerians should wear pearls according to their zodiac sign as the moon is the ruling planet of cancer

The sun is the ruling planet of leo and according to astrology ruby is the birthstone of leos

Another zodiac sign controlled by the planet mercury is virgo emerald is also the birthstone for virgos

Venus also governs the zodiac sign libra making diamond the birthstone for libras

Both aries and scorpios have mars as their ruling planet and thus a red coral serves as the birthstone for scorpios

Sagittarius birthstone is a topaz as the color of jupiter is yellow and so the gemstone associated with jupiter is a yellow topaz or pukhraj

Sapphire is the gemstone for capricorns and saturn is their ruling planet

Saturn is also the ruling planet of aquarius therefore aquarians are advised to wear a sapphire or neelam as it is their birthstone