Vastu In which direction of the house should aloe vera be planted

Aloe vera plant is full of medicinal properties. Along with this, it also has special importance according to Vastu.

Where to plant aloe vera Let us tell you what is the right direction to plant aloe vera plant at home.

Aloe vera plant can be planted in any direction at home. where to put

Planting aloe vera in the western direction of the house is considered auspicious for removing obstacles and achieving progress in life correct direction

Plant aloe vera plants in this corner of the house as well as in the southeast corner of the house.

According to vastu shastra placing an aloe vera plant in the correct direction at home leads to an increase in happiness prosperity and good fortune

Positivity Planting an aloe vera plant in the right direction at home increases the communication of positive energy.

Note: This information is only based on beliefs, scriptures and various mediums. Consult experts before believing any information.

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