7 Spiritual Laws Of Success

The seven spiritual laws of success

Dr deepak chopra suggests in the seven spiritual laws of success the 7 laws of success

He claims that personal success is derived from comprehending our inherent human nature rather than from tireless exertion or unwavering ambition

To apply the seven spiritual laws in your life use these seven laws for each day of the week

Sunday the law of pure potentiality

Take time to be silent and enjoy the present moment twice a day meditate for 20 to 30 minutes

The law of giving your law

When you give you get affirmation bring a gift to anyone you meet a smile a compliment or a flower accept gifts gratefully

The laws of karma

Choose actions that bring happiness and success to others and in turn you will attract happiness and success into your own life plant good seeds for we reap what we sow

On wednesday the law of least effort

Accept things people events situations and circumstances as they are take responsibility for your situation and avoid placing blame on anyone or anything including yourself

Thursday the law of intention and desire

Make a list of your desires and intentions review this list before falling asleep and upon waking up in the morning

Relinquish this list of desires entrusting it to the depths of creation recognizing that there is purpose behind the challenges you face and that the universe has plans for you that surpass your wildest dreams

Friday the law of detachment

Let solutions arise naturally instead of pressuring them grant everyone including yourself the freedom to express their true selves avoid imposing your thoughts about how things should be and let everyone be who they truly are

Saturday our purpose in life

Create a inventory of your exceptional abilities and contemplate how you can contribute to the betterment of society by harnessing your talents and utilizing them in the service of humanity you invite prosperity into your own life and the lives of those around you

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