19 Avatars Of Lord Shiva

19 principle incarnations of Lord Shiva

Piplaad avatar this avatar of lord shiva was born to sage dadhichi and his wife swarcha

Nandi avatar a manifestation of lord shiva was born to sage shilada the sage engaged in rigorous penance to receive the blessings of lord shiva and requested for an immortal child

Veerabhadra avatar the fierce form of lord shiva emerged following the death of his wife sati

Bhairava avatar also known as one of the fiercest avatars of lord shiva is notorious for punishing individuals who are greedy lustful and arrogant

Ashwathama avatar guru dronacharya performed intense penance to please lord shiva shiva took birth as ashwatthama an able warrior who played a pivotal role in mahabharata

Lord shiva assumed the form of sharabha avatar to pacify lord narasimha after the latters slaying of the demon hiranyakashipu

Grihapati avatar is the incarnation of lord shiva born to a sage named vishwanar and his wife who resided on the banks of the narmada river

Durvasa an incarnation of lord shiva originated from the union of sage atri and his wife anasuya known for his quick temper he demanded reverence not only from humans but also from the devas

Yatinath Avatar An incarnation of Lord Shiva appeared to a tribal couple to test their hospitality.

Lord hanuman known as the eleventh avatar of lord shiva was born to mata anjani and kesari

Krishna darshan avatar this manifestation of lord shiva served as a reminder of the significance of performing yagya and the importance of maintaining detachment

Bhikshuvarya avatar lord shiva appeared as a beggar to save the child of a king named sathyaratha

Sureshwar avatar this avatar of lord shiva appeared in indra devs disguise to test the devotion of a young boy named upamanyu

Keerat avatar this incarnation of lord shiva manifested to assess arjunas courage

Sunatanartak Avatar Lord Shiva appeared in the Sunatanartak avatar in the court of the Himalayan king and danced with his damru.

Brahmachari avatar when sati took birth as parvati and performed intense penance to please lord shiva the latter appeared before her as a brahmachari

The Yakshesvara avatar appeared to quell the pride of the gods when they consumed Amrit, the divine nectar.

Avadhut avatar of lord shiva appeared as avadhoot to crush the ego of indra dev