10 Of The Most Unhinged Positive Affirmations Story

10 of the most unhinged positive affirmations for motherhood and life balance learn more

So what are the most unhinged positive affirmations you can think of my two current ones are im a pretty princess and everything just works out for me and im a tiny baby and i deserve a cookie what are yours

I am a strong independent acid snake in the skinsuit of a strong independent woman i honestly do say this to myself which is weirdly affirming i want it embroidered on a throw pillow or something

Mine is i have the confidence of a mediocre individual with privilege

Brush stroke another user shared an unhinged positive affirmation onwards upwards with reckless optimism and always twirling twirling twirling towards freedom so naturally this led to others quoting ah bob dole doesnt need this reckless optimism affirmation learn more

Seeing this made me incredibly joyful that particular line resonated with me and now i repeat it to myself whenever i need courage its simply adorable and amusing

Brush stroke what would you do click below to read more and see what others thought learn more

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