A Powerful Spell to Rid Yourself of an Enemy!

In this article, we present a potent banishing spell known as the “Banishing Spell on Black Silk Cloth.” This ritual is intended to help you get rid of an enemy and find peace. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the spell, including the required ingredients and the precise incantations needed for its successful execution.

Ingredients Needed:

To perform the Black Silk Cloth Banish Spell, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Wax
  • Black silk cloth
  • 3 pins
  • 3 rose thorns
  • Black silk ribbon
  • Black candle

Step 1: Creating the Wax Figure

Begin by taking some wax and shaping it into a human figure. Try to make it as close to the appearance of the person you want to target with the spell. While molding the figure, focus your thoughts on your goal and visualize the intended victim as if they were right in front of you.

    Step 2: Baptizing the Wax Figure

    Once the wax figure is molded, baptize it by speaking the name of the person you wish to strike. Channel all your intent into this action, keeping your focus solely on the target.

      Step 3: Placing the Figure on Black Silk Cloth

      Take the black silk cloth and carefully lean the wax figure on it. The black silk represents the darkness and the energies that will be used to banish your enemy effectively.

        Step 4: Empowering the Pins and Thorns

        1. For this step, you will need the 3 pins and 3 rose thorns. Take the pins and recite the following formula over each of them:

        “This is the tool with which I inflict you, the most daring suffering if you (name of the victim) do not give me peace.”

        1. As you recite the formula, insert one pin into the heart, one into the forehead, and one into the right leg of the wax figurine.
        2. Now, take the rose thorns and repeat the process, this time using the following formula:

        “This is the tool that is capable of inspiring repentance, may you (victim name) finally give me peace.”

        1. Like before, insert one thorn into the heart, one into the forehead, and one into the right leg of the wax figure.

        Step 5: Three Consecutive Nights

        The Banish Spell must be repeated for three consecutive nights. Perform the same rituals, empowering the pins and thorns with the appropriate formulas each night.

          Step 6: The Final Night

          1. On the third night, prepare yourself for the completion of the spell. Light the black candle, and as its flame flickers, the wax figure will slowly melt away. This symbolizes the diminishing power of your enemy’s influence over you.
          2. As the wax figure melts, continue to concentrate on your intention, visualizing the person’s hold over you disintegrating with the figure’s form.

          Step 7: Disposal of Remains

          1. Once the casting is complete, collect all the remnants of the wax figure and wrap them securely in the black silk cloth.
          2. Use the black silk ribbon to tie the package into the shape of a cross. This act further symbolizes the neutralization of the enemy’s power.
          3. Finally, take the wrapped package and cast it into running water, such as a river or stream. As it flows away, so too will the influence of your enemy, leaving you with newfound peace.

          Performing the Black Silk Cloth Banish Spell requires concentration, dedication, and a focused mind. Remember that this spell should only be used in cases of genuine need and should never be taken lightly.

          (Note: The information presented in this article is for entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee any specific results from the use of this spell. Always use caution and respect the free will of others.)

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